tech shack: Holiday and a weird day

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Holiday and a weird day

wat a weird day..certain personal things happen that i wish it didn..but it did..then spend the whole morning..4 hours to be my tea shop..doin nth except staring around but i love it..doin nth..and spending time there..boring but fun..hmm..heard that petrol prices goin up by 8 sens..i guess it will..but..i rather reserve my opinions..
wen to gurney..bloody 1500 handphone is worth 300 now!! damn it motorola..hate many problems..i don see how ppl can prefer this crappy phone to others...( i didn buy it on my choice!!!)
wats comin on 7th july? ipod shuffle 2 and 4 gigs of course..neh..i prefer sony flash memory player..compared both of them..
Really thinkin of buyin an apple comp..i dono y..but it really interest me more n more nowdays..if the prices drop..i may get one..for fun..haha..not that i can do anythin on it..but it will b fun..
thinkin of buyin a new phone..few nokia pls!! but i may consider it...i might lean towards lg or samsung..looks cool..and simple enough..
Wat should i do tomolo? i really dono..damn..yeah..i know..relax at my tea shop..thats wat ill do..


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