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Friday, June 24, 2005


im sure many would have heard of of "podcast"..dont u all? anyway..i started getting addicted to them..without even using my ipod..hmm..strange..anyway..there are a few podcasts i would rated..hmm..even a lesbian show!! anyway..ill start with the tech shows..

1 . Thisweekintech

This program is by those TechTV guys i used to watch so sad..Techtv is crap nowadays...weekly program...very interesting..check it out..!

2. Miketechshow

I like the way this guy brings the show to us..more personal..but he has incoperated ads in his show..but anyway..I WAS MENTIONED ON his SHOW!! wow...

3. Geeknewscentral

He is from hawaii if im not mistaken..with a seriously geeky voice..juz stated following his shows..

4. Chris pirillo show

Our CFH or Call For Help guy..from those nostalgic days of tech tv...looong shows..and its live..but..hmm..never heard them live before though...

who knows..if u have other interesthing podcasts..pls email me.. at


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