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Friday, June 24, 2005


A major new survey has revealed that thousands of teenage British girls are risking injury, infertility and worse, by masturbating themselves into oblivion with the latest generation of electric toothbrushes.
The survey, conducted by the independent market research company,Rabbits R us on behalf of the British Dental Association (BDA), reported that over 82% of thirteen-year-old girls have pleasured themselves to an explosive orgasm at least once with an electric toothbrush, and that more than two thirds of sixteen-year-olds spend up to three hours a day polishing their throbbing love buttons when they should be cleaning their decaying teeth. More worryingly, over half of the 27,000 teenage girls who took part in the survey reported reduced sensitivity after prolonged use of the DIY sex toys and more than 50% complained of pain and burning during marathon masturbation bouts—some of which lasted up to four hours.

Another use for toothbrushes i guess.. GIRLS..DONT TRY THIS AT HOME!! haha
owh ya..latest is..they gonna ban electric toothbrushes in UK..


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