tech shack: July 2005

Sunday, July 31, 2005

handphone for sale

motorola v600 (still under warranty and all accesories included) for sale...!! bought for around RM1500..but..willing to sell..around 700 min..anyone interested...pls email me at

The reason i wanna ..i wanna get a new phone..mayb a high end much i get for this phone..

Mac os x x86 leaked!!

yup..finally..for those ppl...who is catchin up with the hype of APPLE mania...the intel developers version has been might not work on ur normal pc..but who knows..someone..somewhere..might have a solution for that..but..for wont be me...i hate PROGRAMMING

anyone using any experience with it? pls share around cause..from wat i heard and experience b4..its not free..they do charge..need more to confirm that

Saturday, July 30, 2005

broadband in malaysia

do u all know..we think streamyx 1 mb/s is US and mayb other countries..speeds like 10 mb/s etc..are normal?? and its cheaper than wat we are paying?? thats a fact..

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

looong timeeee

back in internet to keep updatin my blog..anyway..alot of news which i would post once im back in penang

Friday, July 22, 2005

Windows Vista

yup..thats wat the newest windows is called...was previously code named longhorn..will be released in far..from all the screenshots....i still feel..OS X..from apple of much cooler...much attractive...anyway..we'll wait n see..if there are more changes to it....


i have tried the latest msn messenger..which is still in beta..which means..under testing..which means..bugs still around..but so far..honestly..i don see the difference at dont see the point of upgrading..tthats my opinion onli..and onli mine

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

numa numa update

looks like it..these guys who sing this numa numa song..are gay!!im not sure..but..the vc that i saw..hmm..looks like it..but..anyway..not me to judge..

Monday, July 18, 2005

ipod sale

im thinkin of selling my ipod..3rd gen...starting price..1400...anyway..i bought it for 2000...with all the accesories...still in gud condition..under me if ur interested...

numa numa

im not sure..this is an old song..or a new craze...but it sounds very nice...its by O-ZONE..title..numa numa of course..dono wat the hell it means..but its sure many clubs would havee played this song b4..anyway..check it out...

Sunday, July 17, 2005

miserable day

an unexpected call..made my weeks ahead totally confused..did i do the right thing? will it have any terrible consequences? i juz can pray to god..that..i made the right decision...i really hope so..cause if not..all the past would come tumbling on me all over again...and im not sure...if i can take it once more..plss me..:)

GMAIL invites

anyone interested in 2.4GB of email space? then email me at
i have a few invites...all are welcomed to try their luck...hehe

many gadgets to review

first...i got my hands on Sony NW-HD5...20 gig mp3 hard disk view is terms of suxx..ipod is much easier to use...but in terms of quality and its meachanical aspects...or should i say size...its the best...i even did my own drop test accidentally...haha..thank god..touch wood..nth was wrong and would not be wrong with it..i toy and i had to drop it...same goes with my ipod..i had to drop it sucks man...

looong gudbyeeeee to Sony

damn...i wish my training was permanent...instead of juz 8 months..gonna miz all of them very much...wonderful memories...anyway....didn have time to update tech shack...but im sure after this ill have tons of stuffs to post....check them out..sooner or later

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


nop...i didn get a mac...cant afford it the moment...therefore..i took another alternative to get the GUI or grachical user interface of a MAC to the PC..there are many steps before u can imitate part by part of the mac...but the simplest would be to use styleXP..and download or use the skins that are available in least...hei...u can get the windows sign to change to apple..coool...try it out..if u wanna go i will give u the full instuctions....

Monday, July 11, 2005

tune XP

its been alooooong time since i posted..anyway..wanna recommend a software ive been using for a very long time..tune has many ur window XP smoother...try it...give me me at

Friday, July 08, 2005

live 8 concert downloads

check out this site to dowload video

Thursday, July 07, 2005

windows xp service pack 2

im one of those ppl who are still sceptical of tthe service pack 2 and wat and how it will afffect my comp...i feel is that ..we would be restricted..but im not really i have 2 on service pack not..looks like it..the one running on it is much stable..for some reason or oth..anyway..i ordered the service pack 2 from microsoft..and i got it in my expect it to arrive..haha..ill try it..and if anyone needs to borrow it..pls contact me..ill try to get it done for you...besides..anyone who is in need of a googlemail account..pls drop me a line too..ill get one for you too...for your info..the capacity is at 2.3GB +

bz week

bz with my presentation crap that i was not able to update tech shack..firstly..a sad sad thing happen in london..a terrorist attact...i really don understand these ppl..y don they juz take the bombs..go to a deserted island..and blow themselves up? isn that more satisfyin? damn..wats wrong with the world mama...

Monday, July 04, 2005

deeep impact

wanna see a comet being hit by a bullet..and the following fireworks? gmt..i guess its around 1 -2 pm malaysian...i through or im sure CNN would be showin it tooo...don miss it!!!

Sunday, July 03, 2005

nice song

i heard mcfly-all about the live8 was of the songs where i can hear over and over again...i cant put the song up to serve u listen to it urself eh.. :p

learning html

html is..hmm..actually i don even know..except it is wat defines the pages..the codes u can produce those sites u don u learn bout it...check out this site

Saturday, July 02, 2005

live8 concerts

watch them live at
its until 8 in the morning!!! come the cause!!


i have received alooooot of feedback...some ppl don understand wat my articles mean..hmm..malaysians oh malaysians..i have start from basics then..okok..pls give me try to make it muccchhh more simpler..for malaysians..

juz another usual saturday

yeah..i did wat i plan to do..spend time relaxing at my tea shop..around 3 hours mayb..doin nth except staring around..wat a life..i wish i can be doin this always..toooo bad...i onli have 2 more weeks here..damn....damn...damn it...

itunes 4.9

wow...great...good and easy way to subscribe to radio is gooood toooo...great man..try it out guys..

Friday, July 01, 2005

friday holiday boring day

yup..i did wat im supposed to do..spend time at my fav tea shop..and owh on google..heard bout that? yup.. can watch matrix revolution on it..FREEE!! but..if ur using dial up..forget bout it..u won even reach the first min..anyway som guy has hacked the google viewer to allow it to be used to view other shows that are not hosted on google servers..
my aim for today..get more news..finish my work..and waste time at tea shop lovin it!!!!
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