tech shack: November 2005

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


if u have an ipod..and if u register for extended warranty...better check again!! i have registered but when i check at the apple website..its not registered!! come on apple...wat the hell is goin .....

Mouse with MEMORY??

y do we need memory in mouse? hmm..but some crazy ppl in japan think we need bout it..

Top-ranking officer killed in Iraq

one of the highest ranking military officer has been killed in iraq..sad days for the families of those killed..

new email

i have a new email case.. ..send me stufs..wanna try filling it up..


happy wateva day! wateva can b replaced with deepavali..hari so advance

looooong time

wow..its been so long since i had time to post..but..i hope..i have not lost those few ppl i had reading it..hehe..but anyway..lots of things happening in the world of tech..n also the world around tech..firstly..ipod Video..or shall we say..i pod that supports hope ill get my hands on it soon..2ndly..lets see..jaring broadband has gone nationwide..would it make a diff?? i doubt will still b expensive..3rdly..i wish..i get an ipod video..hhaha
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