tech shack: December 2005

Thursday, December 22, 2005

New admin u have noticed..we have a new co-admin..he will b doin reviews n comments on music..artists..n sure it will b fun n interesthing alternative to tech news only..

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Britney's Latest Album!!

Hi Guys,
Everyone on the planet pretty much knows that Britney Spears recently had a baby but you may not know that Britney has a new CD in stores now. Britney Spears B In The Mix The Remixes is now available in stores. The set includes remixes of Britney's biggest hits and includes a new song titled "And Then We Kissed."The CD opens up with a hard hitting club throbbing rendition of Britney's 2003 hit single "Toxic." "Toxic" is followed up by the Justice remix of "Me Against The Music." This is a decent remix but rather boring when it comes to a remix. It's not as danceable as some of the other remixes. "Me Against The World" is followed up by remixes for the album tracks "Touch of My Hand," and "Breath on Me."The new song, "And Then We Kiss," is a real nice club sounding song. It would have been cool if Britney had recorded a video for this song. It might have brought more attention to this remix project.It would have been nice if there were remixes of more well known tunes such as "Outrageous," "Stronger," or "Boys," rather than the remixes for the lesser known album tracks "Touch of My Hand" and "Breathe on Me."Despite that the album is still beyond words,the level of energy is such amazing.Get it now!!
P.S:B In The Mix includes no special booklet, no new pictures and no written introduction or new liner notes from Britney.Still It would make a nice gift for a Britney Spears fan or a person who enjoys club remixes.

Saturday, December 10, 2005


im thinking of starting a podcast..wat u think should the topic b? email me or leave a comment..on any suggestions..etc

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