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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Boxers Vs. Briefs

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Whether a boxer or a brief wearer, a man's underwear choice is generally uncompromising. And, when asked about the other sides' pros and cons, he has a general lack of knowledge or experience to draw from. This debate could clearly use some clarity. Therefore, here is a list to review of the positives and negatives with each style's design.
Boxers Pro:Comes in a wide array of colors and patterns. The front fly is much easier to use. Easier to take off (women agree). Crotch temperature stays cooler thus encouraging higher sperm count. Women prefer them on their man. Considered socially acceptable loungewear. Can camouflage a man's physique.
Con:When wearer becomes excited, it shows.The legs are open along the bottom. Provides almost no support. Bunches up when worn inside pants. Thick waistband can cause irritation. Their looseness can cause them to ride up above the waist.

Prevents "dangling". Won't bunch up when worn under pants. Legs have elastic. Provides support. Stays where you put them - no ride up. Looks best on a guy in great shape.The choice of European men. Con:Can be the cause of reduced sperm count. Overlapping fly is impossible to use. When the elastic band deteriorates, the whole brief looks tacky. Only comes in white and a few colors. Traditionally worn by nerds. Can become out of shape and "bag" in all the wrong places.


Blogger Viper said...

Ah yes, but what about boxer-briefs?

10:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah yeah, what about them?

11:04 PM  

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