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Saturday, January 07, 2006

tips to keep your computer safe

most people think that by having an antivirus and the windows firewall running, your problems have been solved. NO its not true, in truth, you dont even need an antiivirus if you know what your dealing with.So this are a few tips to get your computer safe, clean and tidy:

1. update windows!!! - yeah..this is one of the most important things to do, if your computer is patched up , less is your computer vulnerable to attacks.

2. windows antispyware or whatever its called now - yes..its free..n its effective..make sure you have this running..itstead of some software that you have to pay.

3. spybot search n destroy - its free also, and its very effective.It also has a personalize imunization thingy which is very helpful and makes the user feel alil more secure..

4. last but not least, any antivirus software such as nod32 and bitdefender - no..pls don go for norton, i have to much bad experience using them. Theres also free antivirus which im sure u can find on the net

5. other useful softwares - crapcleaner or cclearner - this is a very good free software which gets rid of unwanted files and any registry problems. I have no trouble using it and its updated frequently.


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