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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

True Friends

Feeling a little depressed lately thinking bout friendship so I thought of voicing a few of my oppinions here.
People today, in all this new world technology and thinking, have lost sight of what a true friendship is.I thought I would help the world out a little and explain what real, true friends mean to me,hmm let's see:
1. Friends don't have to be exactly the same. Friends have similarities but they also have their differences. They key to opening up the world of friendship is not only to expand on similarities but to accept each other's faults. Because you can't ever judge your friend.
2. Friends have to argue! No one likes to but it is necessary to be healthy. Cause if you agree on everything, either the government has expanded cloning subjects or someone isn't being true and is trying a little too hard.
3. You have to be comfortable together or else you just aren't going to click. If you feel edgy around the person then something isn't quite right.
4. Friends love unconditionally. They have there little angry moments but what's done is done and all is forgive and forget. Why let something that happened in the past ruin what friendship you could have in the future?


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