tech shack: Music review - Teddy geiger

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Music review - Teddy geiger

my first impression when i heard 'For you i will' was sang by the same guy who sang ' body is a wonderland'..well..i cant remember his name no more..been ages..well..i was was by Teddy geiger..
Basically..Underage Thinking..the album a mix of james blunt..with that bloke as i mentioned..somethin like song kinda mix..seems nice..sounds check it out..

im sure its available on Itunes for those..privilaged to use Itunes music store..his video clip looks cool too...simple...

More reviews would be done as time goes..but..i dont think..his songs are those that u could hear over n over again many times..without getting bored..well..i might hear it while it sounds good to me..then ill move on..
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